Are You a Creative Goddess?

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I am a creative goddess!  Nothing can stop me!The more I make, the more I want need to make! And the better it gets. The more my imagination opens up and my genius pours out.  My stories get told. My dreams begin to surface.  My friend, are you a creative goddess too? Absolutely you are! And here’s […]

Custom illustration

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Have you ever considered CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION? I make one of a kind artwork for clients. It could be a custom portrait or a unique artwork tailored for a business.  The illustrations featured in this post are part of a collection that I created for “Home Of Visas.” Fizah and Zahira are the founders of a boutique […]

Get Shit Done Series #1 : Protect Your Sleep ☾

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Darlings ♥♥ We all want to Get Shit Done! When I am really on fire 🔥 it looks like… → Doing way more in half the time.→ Creating my BEST WORK.→ Working with natural ease and flow.→ Brimming with great ideas.→ Feeling accomplished and not exhausted.→ Seeing the RESULTS that I want. Take a snapshot […]

Friday Live Art Dates

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Every Friday I hop on to Instagram to host a FRIDAY LIVE ART DATE, where I invite my Insta friends into my studio for a cup of tea and some painting. This all began because I spend so much time alone in my studio, why not connect with my beautiful friends for a quick burst of […]

Uppercase Magazine

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I am ridiculously excited to share with you that my artwork and writing is featured in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine. In it, I am sharing my creative rituals and how I approach my time in the studio. It is THE magazine for illustrators and creatives of all kinds. Lovingly produced and designed by […]

Acknowledge and Celebrate 2021

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Happy New Year Dear Friends How I love this time of year! New Years Day is the ultimate beginning isn’t it? Full of promise and big release energy. 2021 has been a difficult and deeply transformative year for many of us. This picture of me was taken on Magnetic Island this year, by my dear friend […]

Get Shit Done!

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You know that I love a bit of productivity, planning and organisation. It’s my thing and it makes me happy! I am committed to taking much better care of myself these days so I’ve been looking deeply at the daily routines in my life and business. My husband is an Organisational Wellbeing and Performance Coach […]

Finance Resources

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Here are some financial education resources that have resonated with me so far in 2021. There are tons of finance resources out there, some excellent ones that I have not mentioned here because I wanted this list to be about what I’ve been consuming currently.  I will keep updating this post with any new books, […]

Bad Painting #12 : The Cabbage Flower

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Here we are at Bad Painting #12 !!! I may be going slow but I love what I am making 🥰 🐞🔥🌿 These garden paintings are making me soo freaking happy… the colour, the process, the characters, the plants, the dogs! Let’s start with the paint. Thick creamy, heavy body acrylic that goes on like […]

Bad Painting #10 Garden Companions

Erin Duncan Creative, 100 Bad Paintings, Garden Companions

“Garden Companions” Mixed media on canvas. I’ve used collage, acrylic paint, Sennelier Oil Pastels, Caran D’ache Watercolour Crayons, Colour Pencil and probably more things that I’ve forgotten. It is full. Maximal. Colourful yet soft. It has delightful characters and takes place in a wondrous garden. Everything I love!!! Creating people in  their own space with […]