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Are You a Creative Goddess?

I am a creative goddess! 
Nothing can stop me!
The more I make, the more I want need to make! And the better it gets. The more my imagination opens up and my genius pours out. 
My stories get told. My dreams begin to surface.
My friend, are you a creative goddess too?
Absolutely you are! And here’s why…
⚡️ You show up to the canvas everyday. You follow your sparks, your joy, your intuition.

⚡️ You are supportive of your creative community.
⚡️ you don’t talk shit about your work. You respect who you are and what you make. Whatever level of craft you are at.
⚡️ You create glorious space in your life to do this work.
This is not a simple, straight forward journey. We have competing priorities. day jobs, families. But you put your stake in the ground and say this is when I work.
Why does this matter?
Because once you embody this title, this power, this path… then you also embody this truth… Creative Goddesses do not seek permission.

Creative goddesses do not seek permission.

✨ We don’t make excuses for how much time and money we spend on our craft.
✨ We don’t feel guilty for wanting to know more, do more, spend time alone to create and invest everything we have in our passion.
✨ We do not have to be available for all our people all of the time.. and that includes our children.
✨ You are not working on your hobby or your “little business”. You are committed to your purpose, your calling!
✨  How can you create your heart’s work in small snatches of time? You can’t.
You need space. Space to be utterly absorbed in what you do. Space to go deep. Space to finish your damn painting!
And then start it all again. 
Life is short and precious my darlings and this is the worthiest of paths!  
Picture of Erin Duncan

Erin Duncan

An Australian Artist and Illustrator currently living in Tasmania.
Everything I make is a way for me to share a little magic, wonder and possibility with the world.

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