about me

Through Making Art I Find

my calm amongst the chaos

My creative journey has been a path of twists and turns. Years of travel, teaching and working in film production were steps on the road that lead to me to become an artist and an illustrator.

When my children were very small they helped me to remember how to paint, cut and paste simply for the joy of it. Carving out a little time every day to create just for myself became my daily ritual. This practice set my creative heart on fire and opened a door that had been shut for so very long.

Deep in the flow of painting is where my head, my heart and my hands come together in alignment. I am endlessly inspired by forests, oceans and animals. I am called to action by just being in my studio, the lighting of a candle and reading of a tarot card. I devour books written by inspiring creative souls.

I believe that we are all on a creative path and each one of us is a maker in some way, shape or form.  This is a journey filled with joys and challenges, ebbs and flows. I love what making art can do, that you can watch yourself unfold, discover who you are and lean in to what truly brings you joy.

My favourite supplies to use are Daniel Smith Watercolours and Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache.  I use Rosemary & Co brushes and all sorts of different art papers. I love to mix traditional techniques with digital tools and I often use Procreate on the iPad Pro.


Step back from the noise and tune into the relationships, experiences, places and things that you truly value. All we have is our own truth, our own inspiration, our own passions, plans, ideas and wild, beautiful dreams. Listen to them.


Hold the space for yourself to unfold. Lean in closely to what brings you joy. Allow yourself the freedom to be messy, unrefined, a beginner. Trust in the whispers that urge us to create, they have so much to reveal.


There is possibility, wonder and connection all around us. When alignment, creativity, knowledge and trust come together, magic always happens. I always want my work to make people feel like anything is possible.