about me

Erin Duncan Creative

Erin is an artist, illustrator, teacher, mother, hiker and lover of the colour green. Seriously, green on green is kinda her thing.

She lives in an Apple Shed in Southern Tasmania /Lutriwita with her amazing husband, two marvellous daughters, a wolf dog and a rascally cat. 

Back in the day she trained and worked in film production, however, having kids led her back to her true love, PAINTING and WRITING. All those crayons and crafts re-ignited the fire!

At the end of 2020, Erin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer During her treatment she decided that she would paint 100 Bad Paintings as a way to lean into her creativity. It had a big impact.

Writing her BLOG is one of her favourite things to do. She knows it’s so mid-2000s but Blogs are the best! She writes about about her creative processes, productivity, running a creative business, family life, spirituality and her journey with Cancer.


Her Youtube channel where she shares her painting process to over four thousand subscribers. 

She is a Skillshare teacher where her Whimsical Faces class has been taken by five hundred students so far and has excellent reviews.

Erin is a commercial illustrator and works with designers to create artwork for a variety of small businesses and brands.

Recently she was published in Issue 52 of UPPERCASE magazine.

Listen to her podcast interview with BRAND YOU Magazine – it’s the most popular episode!


Step back from the noise and tune into the relationships, experiences, places and things that you truly value. All we have is our own truth, our own inspiration, our own passions, plans, ideas and wild, beautiful dreams. Listen to them.


Hold the space for yourself to unfold. Lean in closely to what brings you joy. Allow yourself the freedom to be messy, unrefined, a beginner. Trust in the whispers that urge us to create, they have so much to reveal.


There is possibility, wonder and connection all around us. When alignment, creativity, knowledge and trust come together, magic always happens. I always want my work to make people feel like anything is possible.