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hello lovely and welcome to Erin Duncan Creative

Here you will find art prints, gifts and homewares, illustrated and designed by me!

Everything I make is a way for me to share a little wonder, possibility and magic with the world.

Positive self-talk, charming animals, botanicals and unique fun prints are my joy and I hope that you feel that too!

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To Bring Joy...

thoughtful words

Lift someone’s spirits and send them a little colour and charm.

prints from $9.00


Luscious botanicals will brighten your home!

prints from $9.00


To bring you strength, joy and friendship.

Set of three Prints $24.00


Hello Lovelies!

I am an Australian artist and illustrator currently living in Far North Queensland. 

I share a home in the rainforest with Steve, my partner of 21 years and our two wild, barefoot daughters. The art I make is often described as bright, feminine, fresh and vintage inspired. My work reflects my own journey of creativity, connection, growing a business, raising a family and embracing my heart’s calling. I love seeing my creations on different products and I dream of one day having my own line of tableware!

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Erin Duncan creative - Australian Artist and Illustrator

kind words

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