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Bad Painting #10 Garden Companions

“Garden Companions”
Mixed media on canvas.

I’ve used collage, acrylic paint, Sennelier Oil Pastels, Caran D’ache Watercolour Crayons, Colour Pencil and probably more things that I’ve forgotten.

It is full. Maximal. Colourful yet soft.
It has delightful characters and takes place in a wondrous garden. Everything I love!!!

Creating people in  their own space with their animal companions is just the most fun happy thing I could be making. I adore this idea and I have a few more in the works.

Landscapes have really taken a hold on me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s interesting that its taken a while for me to build up to it.

Creative leaps are like anything I suppose. Give yourself space to make mistakes and you will inevitable grow.

Thats what Bad Paintings is all about. 

It’s not the painting… it’s the state of mind!

Erin xx

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Erin Duncan

An Australian Artist and Illustrator currently living in Tasmania.
Everything I make is a way for me to share a little magic, wonder and possibility with the world.

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