Get Shit Done Series #1 : Protect Your Sleep ☾

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Darlings ♥♥ We all want to Get Shit Done! When I am really on fire 🔥 it looks like… → Doing way more in half the time.→ Creating my BEST WORK.→ Working with natural ease and flow.→ Brimming with great ideas.→ Feeling accomplished and not exhausted.→ Seeing the RESULTS that I want. Take a snapshot […]

Get Shit Done!

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You know that I love a bit of productivity, planning and organisation. It’s my thing and it makes me happy! I am committed to taking much better care of myself these days so I’ve been looking deeply at the daily routines in my life and business. My husband is an Organisational Wellbeing and Performance Coach […]

Leonie Dawson’s Goal Getter Work Books

Leonie Dawson Goal Getter Workbook 2021

I purchased LEONIE DAWSON’S LIFE + BUSINESS Work Books in October last year along with some extra copies to give as a Christmas gifts. Then I found out that I had Cancer. My planners arrived a few weeks later and and I took one look at them and cried my eyes out. It was a slap […]

permission to rest

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I want to tell you that you do not have to be creative right now. These are unusual times. Emotional. Confronting. There are a lot of messages out there telling you that this is the perfect time to write that book. Use this time to start the passion project that has been on your list. Harness […]

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Freedom is in the structure. I didn’t think so when I was in my twenties but now that I am raising kids, running a business and blazing into my forties, yes, biz and life planning brings peace. There are a bazillion things going on. School pickups, costume days, appointments, stuff to buy, stuff to make, […]

Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Esteem

“I’ll never be that good.” “I am never going to get anywhere at this.”  “I should just give up now.” If one of my friends said these things about themselves I would tell them that these statements are so incredibly far from the truth and yet I have said them to myself over and over […]

Fill Your Cup

I thought that I was being practical… “I don’t want to waste money on too many art supplies.” “I’m not big and successful enough to warrant investing in my business.”  “I can’t justify the expense of treatments for my health.”  “I don’t need new clothes, good food or quality skincare.”  The list goes on and […]