Acknowledge and Celebrate 2021

Erin Duncan Creative

Happy New Year Dear Friends How I love this time of year! New Years Day is the ultimate beginning isn’t it? Full of promise and big release energy. 2021 has been a difficult and deeply transformative year for many of us. This picture of me was taken on Magnetic Island this year, by my dear friend […]

Things I didn’t know about cancer till I had it

Erin Duncan Creative, Breast Cancer, Double mastectomy, Australian Artist

TRIGGER WARNING. This list could be confronting, especially if you or your loved one have recently been diagnosed. I’m sorry for that. I don’t wan’t to scare anybody. There will be some people who read this and feel a little less alone. This is for you. Tonight is the eve of my last cancer treatment.Nine months.A […]

Self portrait + I’ve finished treatment

Self Portrait, Erin Duncan Creative, Breast cancer Survivor, Australian Artist

  Folks! Yesterday I officially finished active cancer treatment. It’s been nine months since diagnosis. A Double Mastectomy. 16 Rounds of Chemotherapy. 25 Rounds of Radiation. Endless painful needles. And it’s done. So I give to you Bad Painting #11 A Self Portrait. As I am. I don’t usually do self portraits but it felt […]

Radiation Blues

Erin Duncan Creative, Radiation, Breast Cancer, Australian Artist

These days are super emotional. I’m nearly at the end of five weeks of radiation. Radiation treatment is a relatively easy thing and the technicians are so sweet and kind. But it’s emotional. Everyday I walk into a freezing cold room and take my clothes off in front of strangers.I lie down under a big […]

CHEMO: What I Haven’t Been Doing

Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy

Finding ways to describe the Cancer/ Chemo journey is difficult. Many of my gorgeous friends have been asking how I am. I want to share with you. I want to tell you what I’ve been doing but it’s hard to find the right words. It occurred to me that perhaps it would be easier to […]

CHEMO: What I have Been Doing

Breast Cancer, Chemotherapy

Chemo is shit you guys!! I wrote all about that and WHAT I HAVEN’T BEEN DOING in my last post. Now let me tell you about WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING. Firstly I have been extra kind to myself about what I have not been doing. No pressure. No guilt. Just rest, heal and do […]

100 Bad Paintings

one hundred bad paintings, 100 bad paintings, Erin Duncan creative

I’ve created a project to help me get through the next 6 months of cancer treatment and it’s called… 100 BAD PAINTINGS! Why would I want to make one hundred bad paintings I hear you ask? Well it’s not that they are actually bad. In fact I think they are quite beautiful so far! The […]

Gentleness & Space

Trust, Erin Duncan Creative, Painting

Dear Sweet Friends By now many of you know that I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have written this post about it to explain my situation in more detail. It’s not my tendency to share deeply personal things. However I think these circumstances are a little different. This is big. This is too big for […]

Stronger Than We Think

Erin Duncan

My dear friends. There is something important that I want to share with you. Three weeks ago I went for a routine breast examination. I had no concerns about it. In fact I only went because my parents were pestering me to go for a regular checkup now that I’m in my 40s. I went […]