Erin Duncan

Stronger Than We Think


My dear friends. There is something important that I want to share with you.

Three weeks ago I went for a routine breast examination. I had no concerns about it. In fact I only went because my parents were pestering me to go for a regular checkup now that I’m in my 40s.
I went to stop them from nagging me.

As it turns out, the mammogram picked up something and after the biopsy and many tests it has been confirmed that I do indeed have breast cancer. I will need a mastectomy and treatment to follow.

I won’t lie. It is like being hit in the face with a freight train. It is simply the hardest most confronting thing that I have ever faced.

But I consider myself lucky.

We have found the cancer and it hasn’t spread throughout my body.
We will remove it and there is every hope that I will be well and live to see my children grow up.
For that I am grateful beyond words.

Lovelies, I’m really not sure how the next few months are going to look.
Right now I am taking time to hold my family very close.
To be as kind and gentle with myself as I can.
To prepare for a journey that I had no idea I was going to be taking.
I am devastated. I am scared. I am hopeful. I am a fighter.

I have beautiful people around me who are holding me with their positivity and belief. Every kind word means more than I can say.
If I’m a little slow at replying to your messages or you haven’t heard from me, please know that I love and appreciate you so much.

It’s true.. We are braver than we know and stronger than we think.

Go and get your BOOBS CHECKED. It could save your life.


Erin Duncan

Erin Duncan

An Australian Artist and Illustrator currently living in Far North Queensland. Everything I make is a way for me to share a little magic, wonder + possibility with the world.

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