Get Shit Done Series #1 : Protect Your Sleep ☾

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Darlings ♥♥ We all want to Get Shit Done! When I am really on fire 🔥 it looks like… → Doing way more in half the time.→ Creating my BEST WORK.→ Working with natural ease and flow.→ Brimming with great ideas.→ Feeling accomplished and not exhausted.→ Seeing the RESULTS that I want. Take a snapshot […]

Bad Painting #12 : The Cabbage Flower

Erin Duncan Creative, 100 Bad Paintings, The Purple cabbage

Here we are at Bad Painting #12 !!! I may be going slow but I love what I am making 🥰 🐞🔥🌿 These garden paintings are making me soo freaking happy… the colour, the process, the characters, the plants, the dogs! Let’s start with the paint. Thick creamy, heavy body acrylic that goes on like […]

plan the painting first!

Painting Process, Painting techniques, Acrylic paint, Erin Duncan Creative

How + Why This week I’ve been working on the latest addition to my 100 Bad Paintings project. I had a super productive painting session today and I want to share it with you because documenting what works is really useful. We can recreate these steps again in the future and have lots of excellent […]

Acrylic Paint: My Go-Tos + Favourite Colours

Acrylic Paint, Erin Duncan Creative

We all go through phases of using different mediums. I tend to move between gouache, watercolour, collage and digital but it is acrylic paint that has been my go-to for a while now. I love acrylics because they can be messy or neat. They can be flat or textured. Most importantly they are colour fast […]

Cut, Paste, Paint. Secrets.

Erin Duncan Creative, Bad Painting 3

Notes from my studio. I have begun keeping notes as I work in my studio. It’s a page open on my computer and as I paint/ work/ potter around, I make quick notes about my process. It’s similar to journaling my process as I go and there’s definitely something interesting about it. These are some […]

100 Bad Paintings

one hundred bad paintings, 100 bad paintings, Erin Duncan creative

I’ve created a project to help me get through the next 6 months of cancer treatment and it’s called… 100 BAD PAINTINGS! Why would I want to make one hundred bad paintings I hear you ask? Well it’s not that they are actually bad. In fact I think they are quite beautiful so far! The […]

Cushions Are Here!

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I am so excited to finally share my new Homewares Collection with you and tell you WHY THESE CUSHIONS ARE LIKE NO OTHER 🌿🐝  CUSHION COVER  This glorious cushion cover is made from 100% Cotton Drill Deluxe and was printed in Australia through a boutique printing company. They specialise in using environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, water […]