Artist’s neck: Oh the pain!

Artist Neck pain, Erin Duncan Creative

This post was inspired by an Insta story that my artist friend @mermaidscoin posted about how making art was giving her killer neck pain. Oh Yes! Artist’s neck. Painter’s Pain. Whatever you want to call it. I know this pain and I am sure that there are loads of creatives struggling with it. At one stage […]

plan the painting first!

Painting Process, Painting techniques, Acrylic paint, Erin Duncan Creative

How + Why This week I’ve been working on the latest addition to my 100 Bad Paintings project. I had a super productive painting session today and I want to share it with you because documenting what works is really useful. We can recreate these steps again in the future and have lots of excellent […]

Cut, Paste, Paint. Secrets.

Erin Duncan Creative, Bad Painting 3

Notes from my studio. I have begun keeping notes as I work in my studio. It’s a page open on my computer and as I paint/ work/ potter around, I make quick notes about my process. It’s similar to journaling my process as I go and there’s definitely something interesting about it. These are some […]

Home Studio Refresh

Erin Duncan Creative, Studio, Organisation

I’m feeling pretty maximum right now.My cushions were launched and immediately sold out (Yay!! and standby for the re-stock!) and I found myself in a studio that was bursting at the seems. There were boxes in every spare space. Product on every surface. Labels, tags, wraps.. and I still needed to work in here! I […]