Leonie Dawson’s Goal Getter Work Books

Leonie Dawson Goal Getter Workbook 2021

I purchased LEONIE DAWSON’S LIFE + BUSINESS Work Books in October last year along with some extra copies to give as a Christmas gifts. Then I found out that I had Cancer. My planners arrived a few weeks later and and I took one look at them and cried my eyes out. It was a slap […]

Home Studio Refresh

Erin Duncan Creative, Studio, Organisation

I’m feeling pretty maximum right now.My cushions were launched and immediately sold out (Yay!! and standby for the re-stock!) and I found myself in a studio that was bursting at the seems. There were boxes in every spare space. Product on every surface. Labels, tags, wraps.. and I still needed to work in here! I […]

biz & life planning

Freedom is in the structure. I didn’t think so when I was in my twenties but now that I am raising kids, running a business and blazing into my forties, yes, biz and life planning brings peace. There are a bazillion things going on. School pickups, costume days, appointments, stuff to buy, stuff to make, […]