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Friday Live Art Dates

Every Friday I hop on to Instagram to host a FRIDAY LIVE ART DATE, where I invite my Insta friends into my studio for a cup of tea and some painting.

This all began because I spend so much time alone in my studio, why not connect with my beautiful friends for a quick burst of low-key fun and inspiration?

I’d like to say that they are extremely polished and highly professional live shows… but they’re not!!!!

This is definitely candid, honest time with me in my studio,creating on the fly.  

Unlike so many art videos on social media that take hours to make and are condensed into a few seconds with all the “mistakes” cut out, Art Dates are me being REAL.

I always feel that its is just so helpful to see other artists in their studio, doing the work, playing around, making imperfect art and being honest about that.

On one of my favourite Friday Live Art Dates we illustrated a drink recipe. My choice was a delicious Beetroot Bliss juice.  

Most importantly, sharing these creative process demystifies what it takes to be an artist.

It’s all about showing up to the page and going for it. Trying new things. TRUSTING yourself to make the work and ALLOWING your own voice to be heard.

Think of it as a behind-the-scenes event where you will get an insiders view of my creative process.

In previous Friday Art Dates we have:

  • Painted still life with fresh flowers
  • Illustrated a favourite drink recipe
  • I have given a studio tour
  • We have even had live modelling with a ballerina – Mia, age 10 (Yay!). She was marvellous and held each beautiful pose for 30 seconds. It was hilarious and my drawings were terrible. The viewers joined in too and their work was brilliant!

Above all, Art Dates is a place for us to play around, make a mess and generally enjoy ourselves. You will get to help me choose materials and colour palettes and more.

Painting live helps me to forget about any perfectionism. I make decisions quickly and just get the paint on the canvas! That’s a valuable lesson for every artist!

During my first ever Art Date I painted this quote, ” Magic Is Something You Make.”
This painting went on to become a vinyl sticker that I now offer in my shop!
That whole process makes me so happy!!


If you want to join in the next live painting session with me…

✂︎ Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/erinduncancreative/

✂︎ At 10am Brisbane time, hop on to instagram and my profile picture (along the top of the instagram screen) will highlight and say LIVE.

✂︎ Tap on the profile image and you’ll be connected to my livestream!

I have been experimenting with the best time to go live so that different people have the chance to join in around the world. I can’t really do weekends or after hours because KIDS!

Check my Instagram feed the day before, I’ll post all the details there.

I’ll see you on Friday, bring your paints!!

Love, Erin xxx

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Erin Duncan

An Australian Artist and Illustrator currently living in Tasmania.
Everything I make is a way for me to share a little magic, wonder and possibility with the world.

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