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Finance Resources

Here are some financial education resources that have resonated with me so far in 2021.

There are tons of finance resources out there, some excellent ones that I have not mentioned here because I wanted this list to be about what I’ve been consuming currently. 

I will keep updating this post with any new books, podcasts or mentors that I find and think would be great to share with you.

Some of these books are not directly about finance. They are about living consciously and consuming less, which I feel is intimately connected with wealth creation.


★ The Joy Of Money, K.McAllum
Written by women for women. This one is current and takes you deeper into planning your life, retirement and investments.  

★ $1000 Project, Canna Campbell
★ Mindful Money, Canna Campbel
I like Canna Campbell. She’s so switched on and really knows her stuff. She makes investing accessible and easy to understand. And she’s very motivating.

★ The Simple Path To Wealth, J.L. Collins
★ Motivated Money, Peter Thornhill
These are excellent books that take you in depth into investment strategy.

★ $0 to Rich: The everyday women’s guide to getting wealthy, Tracey Edwards.
Okay so I haven’t read this one.. but I heard it’s good. I’m leaving it here, I’ll update when I’ve read it!

★ The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape
★ The Barefoot Investor For Families, Scott Pape

Scott Pape’s book are basically Australian classics now. I like them because so many finance books are American and it’s good to get the information from an Australian post of view. I read The Barefoot investor years ago, this year I read The Barefoot Investor for families and found it hugely inspiring in terms of educating my kids about money… the lessons that took me 40 years to figure out!

★ Smashed Avocado, Nicole Haddow
★ How To Buy A Home, Emily Power

These are books by millennials for the younger generation trying to break into the crazy housing market in. Australia. They’re really good books and whilst the focus is on buying a house, the financial savvy that underpins it is powerful. They are all about living with less and the power of SAVINGS and doing your research!!

★ Know Yourself, Know Your Money, R. Cruze
More of an overall build a healthy relationship to money type book. I liked it.

★ Tapping Into Wealth, M. Lynch
This one is a cracker! Fantastic book for working through money blocks. Margaret really knows her shit when it comes to the emotional side of money.

★ Soulful Simplicity, C.Carver
★ The Year Of Less, C. Flanders
★ Adventures In Opting Out, C. Flanders.
★ The Joyful Frugalista, S. Bird
★ The More of Less, J. Becker

These books are all focused on living consciously and with intention. They talk about owning less and feeling more connected to yourself and the world around you. I have found that there is an intimate connection between owning and consuming less, saving more and building wealth and happiness. It’s a thing!!!

★ Deep Work, Cal Newport
★ Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport
Inspiring books about how we can live more meaningfully and with greater connection in todays world. Finding ways to quiet all the noise and focus on creating a life and work that truly aligns. Not directly about money but important to the way we live and create.


Canna Campbell

Canna was a single mum who has created financial independence for herself and shows others how she did it. She’s passionate about investing and so knowledgeable.

Leonie Dawson

Leonie loves to share how she invests her money and runs her business and personal finances behind the scenes. I have such a soft spot for her because she’s bonkers and her content is excellent.
She has. $10 e-class where she just shows you exactly how she’s managing and investing her money. Inspiring!

Strong Money Australia

Aussie Firebug

These are Australian FIRE resources.
FIRE  stands for: Financial Independence/ Retire Early.

It’s a movement of people who aim to save as much of their income as possible, invest that money and build their wealth.

They are very generous with their knowledge and share an amazing amount of detail about their journey and strategies.


The journey of how this family reached financial indepeendence is truly inspiring. They are extreme frugalists.. it’s intense. They’re so cute and happy though and they share so much information about how they manage their finances.




There are lots of finance podcasts out there.. I’m not listening to podcasts too much at the moment because I made a decision to not multi task!

But if I do listen to a finance podcast.. it’s generally one of these on Apple Podcasts.

FIREPLAY – Canna Campbell

Aussie Firebug

Fire & Chill

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